Your Gift Matters!

Your Gift Matters!

May be a graphic of text that says 'JOYE FM REAL MUSIC. REAL LIFE. Your Gift Matters! 100% 98% Today's Goal: Reach... 96% 94% 92%'


I am excited to report that Joy FM is now only 9% away from reaching its fall fundraising goal! This is incredible news because we’re seeing more Joy FM friends helping to make reaching goal a reality!

Today, we need to raise approximately $5000 to reach 92% of goal and help erase the $58,000 of financial need that remains. Family, with your help we can do it! I am also pleased to report that there is still some Challenge Fund money ready to come alongside new gifts. That’s means new gifts will have double the impact until the Challenge Fund is exhausted!

Join the effort to ensure your Joy FM reaches goal, please give your best gift right now at or call 888.569.9974.

In Him,

John Long