Do you wonder how the Gospel applies to your concern or need?  Or perhaps, you’re interested in knowing what God’s Word says on a topic, but aren’t sure where to turn. That’s where Pastor Alan Wright comes in.

If you would like to “Ask the Pastor” a question or share a concern, you can reach him by email at: [email protected]

Alan joins The Morning JoyRide weekly, where he answers your “Ask the Pastor” questions on-air.

About Wright
Alan and Anne Wright are the parents of Bennett and Abigail. The family makes its home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where Alan serves as Senior Pastor of historic Reynolda Presbyterian Church.

Alan is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and was valedictorian of his Columbia Theological Seminary class. Alan’s heart was touched by the Spirit in deep and profound ways in 1993. That touch of grace began a healing journey in which Alan discovered how the love of God mends the emptiness left from a broken home. Since 1997, Alan has authored several books. He also ministers around the world, sharing the light of God’s love.