You Can Be A Difference Maker!

You Can Be A Difference Maker!

Recently, my sweet, kind, and extremely compassionate friend did something special for one of our church members to encourage her during these difficult days. You see, our church member is having to maneuver during this time at home alone while her husband is now in a nursing facility. She was used to going to see him every day and spending quality time with him. After the Coronavirus hit, that facility went on lockdown and now she can no longer go to see him. She is now at home alone, desperately missing the love of her life, worried about his health, and as you can imagine, her fragile heart is hurting.

Last week was her birthday. She had never been alone on her birthday and the day was difficult. But then my friend came up with the greatest idea to encourage her hurting heart. She drove to our church parking lot which is very close to where she lives, and she and her kids began to decorate their car with a birthday message.  Large posters were placed on the side of her car and balloons attached all over to make it look happy and festive.

Then, with her kids giggling and so excited to share their masterpiece, they called our church member and told her to come outside on her front porch. And there they were…parked outside with their windows down, singing as loudly as they could, “Happy Birthday to You,” waving wildly, grinning big, and giving the gift of encouragement to a heart that so desperately needed it.

So…we can all make that kind of difference by trying to share encouragement with each other during this time. Look around you today. Do you have a neighbor that lives alone that could use a phone call? Maybe a few supplies? Could you write a card and send in the mail, send a text or email? Maybe using Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facetime is a possiblity so that they can actually see your face?

The point is that we can all do something, right? As the Brian Free and Assurance song so beautifully says, we can all be somebody’s miracle.

“Somebody’s miracle.
Somebody’s answer to prayer you know;
Everybody’s got a need,
Yeah, it’s up to you and me,
We could be, we could be
Somebody’s Miracle.”

You are loved!


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