Life Is About Change……Beautiful and Painful

Life Is About Change……Beautiful and Painful

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After serving at Crestwood Baptist Church for over 30 years, and after much thought and prayer, I have officially resigned my position as Music Director and Worship Leader at the church that has always had my heart. God has been nudging my spirit for quite a while now and I can no longer ignore what He has asked me to do. The nudging was simple….“It is time for you to rest.”

This was a bittersweet decision for me because I am stepping away from a position that I have loved in every way. I have served a church family that has stuck by me, supported me, encouraged me, and loved me for many years and it has been my absolute honor to serve them. I will remain in my position until a replacement is found, but I know in my heart that God will call that person soon.

One of the greatest blessings that I have had is to look back and be able to say that there has not been any division of any kind during all the years I have served. Music is one of the biggest dividers of churches today so to know that we have worked together in harmony all of this time is truly a gift to me. I cannot thank the Lord enough for guiding us as a church family to be flexible, to work together, and to trust each other.

Being Music Director at Crestwood and serving our exceptional choir and serving our loving congregation has truly been one of the greatest joys of my life. I have absolutely loved everything about it and will carry wonderful memories with me for a lifetime. I haven’t always made the right decisions or said the right things or maybe even picked the right songs at times, but my heart for this wonderful church has always been full of love and has always wanted what is best for us as a church body. Even though my heart is tender at this moment, it feels good within to know that I am doing what He has called me to do.

God has been so very faithful for almost 100 years to Crestwood and I know that He will continue to bless us in the days ahead if we follow His will in everything we do. I look forward with anticipation and excitement to see what God has planned for what I think is the greatest church around.

Yes, life is about change. And yes, it can be painful and yes, it can be beautiful.

For me today, it is both.