Family Fest in the Smokies

Family Fest in the Smokies

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Artist Roster:

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Gaither Vocal Band
Bill Gaither – Wes Hampton – Adam Crabb – Todd Suttles – Reggie Smith

Margaret Feinberg – Saturday Speaker
Pastor Jim Lyon – Sunday Speaker

David Phelps (Sunday)

The Booth Brothers (Friday & Saturday)

Jimmy Fortune (Saturday)

Buddy Greene

Larnelle Harris (Friday & Saturday)

Terry Blackwood and the Imperials (Saturday)

The Hoppers (Sunday)

Lynda Randle (Friday & Saturday)

The Isaacs (Saturday & Sunday)

Karen Peck & New River (Saturday & Sunday)

Goodman Revival (Friday)

Russ Taff (Friday & Sunday)

Angela Primm

The Martins (Sunday)

The Nelons

Jeff & Sheri Easter (Saturday)

Caleb Serrano (Saturday)

Voices of Lee (Sunday)

Gene McDonald

Charlotte Ritchie

Kevin Williams

Matthew Holt

Greg Ritchie

Kevin Moore


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