An Important Message from General Manager John Long

Dear Friend,
Have you ever wrestled with feeling as if your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling?  Or, have you ever believed that you have messed up too much for God to rescue you from a situation?  Many of us have fallen prey to the lies that we aren’t worthy of God’s love or provision in our lives.

I think we can all agree that the last 18 months have been at times quite difficult and unsettling.  Maybe for you, or someone you know, that has looked like sickness, job insecurity, strained relationships, anxiety or loss of loved ones.

Your Joy FM is here because friends like you grasp how much we need to be reminded that God is faithful, present, loving and real.  Many churches look very different compared to pre-pandemic services.  Pastors tell us attendance is lower and they wonder if some families will ever return.

We have heard from so many listeners how God has used this station to be a lifeline and a source of worship, gifting them hope and encouragement as they battle loneliness, isolation, questions about the future or even disappointment due to unmet expectations.

In moments where doubt begins to creep in, Joy FM is able to remind thousands of God’s love for us.  His Word reminds us of His faithfulness in providing for the Israelites, even parting a sea for them!  He did not abandon Joseph, even though as he sat in prison I’m sure Joseph wondered about that.  In the truest expression of His love, we read in Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates His own love of us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

The theme for Joy FM’s Fall Fundraiser, set to begin September 27th, is Yes He Can!  You will hear powerful stories from people who have seen God working in their lives.  We believe that through the generosity of friends such as yourself, God will provide the funds needed to enable Joy FM to keep reminding you, your friends and neighbors of His sovereignty and care.

Your gift will help build our Challenge Fund which will encourage other listeners to call in with gifts to match yours, as we work together to impact His Kingdom.

When you partner with Joy FM, you make it possible for songs to be heard that speak to weary and worn hearts and minds.  We humans are prone to seasons of doubt and short term memory, as it relates to God working in our circumstances.  Your support means that others can hear words like these from our friend Michael Booth:

He’s the One who calmed the waters.

Made us Sons and Daughters.

Left the world in wonder with the empty tomb.

Thought I was done with searchin’.

His Spirit kept on workin’.

Let me tell you somethin’.

I am living proof of what God,

What only God can do.”

Each of us has a powerful story.  We face health scares, dissolved marriages, job loss, the death of a loved one, a ‘no’ when we hoped to hear a ‘yes’ or even a battle we keep laying at Jesus’ feet but picking back up because we need to feel some control in our lives.  Your Joy FM is here to remind all of us that we are not alone.  Our struggles are shared and our joys are multiplied.

There is such power in stories of God’s provision in situations that seem desperately hopeless…an addict who breaks the chains of addiction, a fractured relationship that is restored, a miracle pregnancy, financial provision, healing of a sick loved one or perhaps an answer to a long-uttered prayer.

We truly appreciate that there are many worthy causes asking for your support.  That’s why I can assure you that your gift is used wisely, as together we work to inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.  You see, that’s our mission here at Joy FM and you are a huge part of so many changed lives!

Please prayerfully consider what amount you will give to help with our Fall Fundraiser.  Your gift will be doubled as listeners come alongside you to inspire others to see how cherished and valued they are in Christ.

You can give safely and conveniently on-line here.  Should you have any questions about giving feel free to call our Partner Services team at 877-321-3811.

Even as we continue to navigate a time of much unrest economically, socially and politically, Joy FM is more determined than ever to declare how good God is and how worthy you are of His love.   Your support could never matter more as together we infuse hope and encouragement into our community.

We look forward to hearing from you.  And we know that along with your generous financial support you will join us in praying for God to do a mighty work in these days through what is heard on Joy FM.

Believing He Can,

John Long

General Manager

PS:  Your gift will help make it possible for Joy FM to share hope-filled, powerful messages of God’s love for you, your friends and neighbors.  Please prayerfully consider what you will give for our upcoming Fall Fundraiser.  You can give on-line here.