The Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile

I have to admit that I don’t know a lot about miracles.  I know what’s in the Bible…Jesus performed several…but the evidence of modern day miracles are often obscured by science and/or confused by those disdainful charlatans who claim to provide them through shameful marketing ploys. So where are the real miracles?

For one, I believe life is a miracle. Each day is certainly a blessing; and within each day are thousands of interactions that can lead to the miraculous, Lord willing.

I believe that healings still take place. Some can only be described as the hand of God, while others are the work of gifted men and women who God has allowed to discover, manufacture, and implement miraculous tools of healing through scientific breakthroughs in medicine. When it comes to real miracles God is always involved.

I believe I witnessed a miracle during Joy FM’s Spring Fundraising Celebration. The station had no more prearranged matches or challenges, which meant no hope of doubling or tripling any gifts that came in that afternoon. We were still 12 percent away from goal and needed to raise more than $60,000. Looking at giving trends–this is nerd speak–we were not going to make our goal or even come close. More troubling still, we were not going to fund raise on air beyond that final day. That meant, for the first time in history, Joy FM would be operating at less than 100 percent funded. But then, God…

We knew what had to happen and we knew who had to get involved in a BIG way…so we prayed. We were in the final two scheduled broadcast hours…we prayed hard, openly, and with full anticipation of God’s arrival. Here’s the miracle…God showed up…and he brought the Joy FM family with Him. He had already prepared each and every one with the miraculous financial means needed to achieve this unprecedented goal. He had them tuned in at the time of the station’s greatest need, and He knew that they would answer the call, which they did.  

That moment will forever be known at Joy FM as “The Miracle Mile.” Together…God, you, and Joy FM worked as one heart to achieve a miraculous goal. We ended the night with less than one percent left to be raised. The remainder came in just a few days later. It was a miracle!

Thank you for being a part of this ministry and part of the miracle.


John Long
Director of Promotions & Engagement
Joy FM