Joy FM Team | Video & Social Media Producer


A lover of the traditional hymns and Southern Gospel music, Kevin is truly an old soul. His beautiful wife, Mary Ann, often tells him that he is an old man trapped in a young man’s body…and He’s perfectly okay with it. On their first date when asked about his favorite music, he proceeded to give Mary Ann an education in Southern Gospel music!

Kevin discovered Joy FM at age 18, while traveling home from college one evening. Twenty years later, not only is he still listening, but he is part of the team at Joy FM.

Kevin is both visionary and creative. He has worked in the field of graphic design for more than a decade. He enjoys design, photography, and all things creative, but God has planted in him the desire to work for the Lord.

Recently Kevin had a life-changing experience. He journeyed to Africa for his first missions trip. He spent two weeks in the country of Kenya where he preached in schools, prisons, and numerous villages. Kevin loves to preach the Gospel, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. He is very active in his home church, serving as teen pastor and is part of the nursing home and jail ministries.