“I’m Sorry, You Have the Wrong Number!”

“I’m Sorry, You Have the Wrong Number!”

[written by Daniel Britt]

It happens often enough: your phone rings, you don’t recognize the number — you answer, and it’s someone calling for Felicia. You have to say “I’m sorry, there’s no one here by that name. You may have the wrong number.”

But in this day and age, it’s not just limited to phone calls. Just the other day, this one happened to me: my iPhone dings, I have an new text message. I look down and see an unfamiliar phone number and these words:


Have you ever had a crazy “wrong number” situation? I’d love you to tell me about it below.

As you can see, I felt compelled to respond promptly to let them know whoever was doing their grocery shopping did NOT get the shopping list!

…But, now I really want to pursue this new relationship to get that recipe!

-Daniel Britt

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