A Clean Heart

A Clean Heart


At the family reunion our grandchildren joined in a game of hide and seek. Three hid their eyes and counted to 30 while everyone else searched for a place to be unnoticed. Our three year old didn’t understand the concept completely. She often hid in the tree, where her face was camouflaged but her little legs were not.

Cute for a toddler, but honestly there are times when I refuse to believe that God sees me… all of me. I think He notices the number of times I go to church or serve others but I secretly hope that He doesn’t pay attention to those other not-so-pleasant behaviors.

Two words have crept into my vocabulary lately with new meaning, “What?” (emphasis on the ’t’) and “REALLY?” (as if to say, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) An example was driving during the Thanksgiving holidays. Everyone seemed to forget how to use their turn signals, some poked along in the passing lane and others loved my bumper. Those two words may have slipped passed my lips more than a few times. A few hours later, we sat together with family ready to give thanks for all God had provided. He prompted me to ask for a heart cleaning before asking Him to bless our food.

At these moments, I can relate to David, can’t you? It’s clear, I don’t have the power to clean my own heart. When David cried out for God to ‘create’ a clean heart, he used a Hebrew word ‘bara’ which was exclusively used when God created the heavens and earth. In other words, he didn’t ask God to brush him off, he needed God to create something ‘out of nothing’.

We can attempt to hide our behavior but just like my granddaughter’s legs, our sin is visible to God. Every time my stubborn heart attempts to take control, it doesn’t work out so well.

Creating a clean heart not only renews a right spirit within us, it makes us supple and pliable again in His Hand. Without this essential step, we won’t discover our full purpose in His Kingdom. When we become moldable again, others notice and are drawn to Him.

Father, thank You for watching over us, caring for us and offering to create clean hearts in us. We know You will not force Your way instead You offer to make our nothing into something. Only You can make the spirit within us right. Teach us not to hide our sin but to call on You daily to search us. Remove our hardened layers and make us moldable in your Hands. May others see in us the characteristics of Your Son. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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