YouAreLoved FB 800x800 - JoyFMWe live in a world that is all too often filled with empty words and meaningless pleasantries.

People…good, well meaning Christian people say things like,God bless you, or I’ll pray for you with the right heart, but the wrong amount of effort.  For the hurting, such words and phrases can be numbingly hollow. If we are honest with one another, we have all said things that we didn’t really mean…and while our intent may have been to convey a sense of caring, our own inattention to the greater need conveyed quite the opposite.  

The Bible warns us to be cautious with our words (Proverbs 18:21)—something we must do, even when our intentions are well placed.  Countless numbers of parents have taught their children that actions speak louder than words; however, in our own adulthood, we sometimes forget that our own actions matter, too.  We must remember to be people of action and that our actions should be steeped in both philēo and agape love (1 Corinthians 13:1).

In closing, let me be one of the first today to remind you that You Are Loved. I love you.  I love you as my sibling in Christ and as a child of God.  I love you because God first loved me (John 4:19).  And I love you, not simply because God asked me to love my neighbor, but because I want to.

Like everyone here at Joy FM, I am here for you. #YouAreLoved.

-John S. Long III
The Afternoon Drive