What the World Needs Now Is Not Just Love, But HIS Love

What the World Needs Now Is Not Just Love, But HIS Love

My friend, Laura was able to say words that I couldn’t seem to express myself.

Maybe this is for you as well.

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My voice is small. My sphere of influence is small. What do you say in a time like this? What does it say if you say nothing? I don’t understand the hatred. I don’t know what to say. I just feel like saying, “I love you!”

And as a Christian, I can’t say that in this situation without saying that there is no place in the heart of a Christian for hatred toward another. Hatred of sin, yes, and sin is at the root of all our problems. Every. Single. One. That is the greatest pandemic—not a virus. There is a cure, and His name is Jesus. He is love. He is kindness. He is healing. He is hope. He is peace.

What the world needs now is not just love, but His love. Through His love, we can truly love each other. We are all made in the image of God. We are all different—different skin colors, different personalities, etc. and yet, we are all the same. I don’t know the struggles of anyone else. I certainly do not want to minimize anyone’s experiences or fears. And that is not a simple solution. It’s simply told, but it is far from simple. It affects every aspect of the being. Every thought. Every desire. Every word. Every deed. It permeates, penetrates, and pierces every fiber of your being until you decrease and He increases more and more. And He is love. It’s anything but simple. It’s not a platitude. It doesn’t minimize any fear or heartache or injustice. It’s the only thing that can heal, and it’s the only thing…He’s the only thing of real value that I have to offer anyone. I love you.❤️