Valentines For Wanda

Valentines For Wanda

YouAreLoved_Joy FMWanda Taylor is my friend. She has been my friend from the moment we first met. Anyone who has met Wanda knows that there is not a pretentious bone in her body. The Wanda who is in front of you is the Wanda you get. She is genuinely kind, funny, and in total submission to our Lord.

My friend has cancer.  She is fighting the good fight, and praying the right prayers, but she also knows the realities of human frailty. While we can’t control the future, we can influence the present. That’s why I am asking you to help Joy FM celebrate our friend Wanda. Will you please take a moment and share a word of encouragement by clicking on the button below and submitting whatever God places on your heart.  Your thoughts, prayers, and memories will be shared with our forever friend.

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