Unexpected Hope

Unexpected Hope

My uncle recently went to the doctor for a checkup. That led to immediate heart surgery. Once under the knife, multiple bypasses were needed. Out of surgery, things were looking good and my uncle was resting well.  Then a few days later, while still in the ICU room, he fell! The fall damaged all the work of the recent surgery and the effects would eventually claim his life: a life that was full of joy, love of Jesus, and kindness. As shock and deep sadness passed around our family and his community, we were reminded of how precious life is. Each moment matters. Every ‘I love you’ is a treasure. Even the routine can go awry in a split second. Take nothing for granted.

The hope of the gospel is that we have Christ and His Spirit offering more than wishful thinking … it’s a hope—a peace— that passes all explanation and understanding. Except, when you have it, you’ll know it. It may look strange to the world, but the world is craving it. It can exist in the middle of immense pain, sorrow, and loss.  I don’t think hope erases pain; I think they are allowed to co-exist. Which is strange, and somehow at the same time, a beautiful gift from God. 

 I am challenged through this to be a hope-giver to all around me…all are in need.

–Daniel Britt, from The Morning JoyRide® with Daniel & Melody, weekdays 6AM-10AM ET on Joy FM 

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