The Importance of Encouragement

The Importance of Encouragement

Daniel and I were talking on The JoyRide this week about the importance of encouraging each other. Think back to a time when you were possibly bullied, shamed or ridiculed in your elementary, middle, or high school years.  You can probably still remember what was said and who said it to you.  Why? Because it hurt very deeply and it has stayed with you and possibly even shaped who you are today.  

Well, the opposite of that situation can have the same lasting impact, right?  I’m talking about encouragement.  I’m sure you can remember someone in your life who gave you positive words, accolades, support, inspiration, and confidence.  Words Matter…a lot!  Words can mold us, shape us, direct our lives a certain way, and can make a huge difference in who we are and who we become.

So today, let’s look around us.  Is there someone that we work with, a family member, a friend that may need a double dose of encouragement?  Let’s find a way to make sure they are encouraged, that they know they matter, that they know they have made a difference in our lives.  We may be the only dose of inspiration they have received in years and those words of affirmation could make a permanent impact on their lives that could produce long lasting results.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Love and gratitude…



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