You totally get permission to say you’re sorta done taking it all. You’re done taking the pressure, you’re done taking the pounding surf, you’re done taking the bills, taking the doctor appointments, taking the deadlines, taking the demands & the kids & all The Things — and if you’re honest — and you’d never say it out loud, because you keep doing the heroic thing —
but you’d love for someone to just take your hand, and make an island of space, and just slip the whole soul-flattening weight of everything right off of you.

And guess what? *He does.* Today. is. your. day. You don’t have to take it today, you don’t have to shoulder it, you don’t have to carry it:

“Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders—*He will carry your load*”Ps55:22MSG

So that’s it, that’s the only thing you’ve gotta do today, this is it: #TakeOneMoreStep — you categorically do NOT have to take it all — if you’ll just #TakeOneMoreStep — and pile the whole thing, everything, all the troubles on God’s shoulders. He’s saying: ‘Bring it to Me. I’ll carry the whole thing. Pile it on.’ — and you could have the exhale of it right now — you could get that island of relief & feel how grace is weightless…

Ann VosKamp

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