Susan, VA – Recovery & Blessings

Susan, VA – Recovery & Blessings

I have been a long time listener and I have to tell you that I really love your station. There is always a song playing that has an effect on me. Each one touches me and often they are really specific to something I am dealing with. God certainly is amazing in how He brings us comfort at just the right time.

Joy FM is really a blessing when it is dark and things look really bad.  It amazing that I can turn on the radio and listen to music that soothes my troubled soul.

Many years ago I wrote a letter to you after suffering a stroke.  In the letter, I was spilling my guts about how I had to stop working and how things were tough. I was a practicing nurse back then. It was more than my career…it was my life. I was floored when I heard you read that letter on air. As it turns out a sweet guardian angel who was listening reached out to the station about my situation.  She had been moved by my story. A few days later I received a surprise check from this sweet lady. As it turned out, she was a retired nurse. We still stay in touch to this day, sending one another cards and updates.

This was an amazing blessing that was initiated through Joy FM. This experience taught me to never doubt God! All the time, God was on my side and saw me through the difficult days.

In closing, I want to thank Joy FM for all the phone calls. People from the station have called me several times to ask if I have any prayer needs. Keep up the good work, be blessed, and know that you are doing a great service for many people including those who may not know God.  You’re music speaks! God bless each and every one of you.

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