Smells and Memories

Smells and Memories

Daniel and I were talking on the air recently about smells and the memories that they trigger when–out of the blue–you get a wisp of a familiar smell from your childhood. For me, it was what they now call “eggs in a basket.”  My mom would fry a piece of bread in butter, cut a circle from the center with a cookie cutter, and then drop an egg in the hole of the bread and fry it. Not only would you have a fried egg in your toast, but a fried circle to go along with it and it was absolutely delicious!  I can still smell that toast frying in that pan of butter and it immediately takes me back to being an eight-year-old schoolgirl eating that wonderful breakfast before heading out the door.

Did you know that the sense of smell connects to the part of the brain that controls memories and emotions?  

What would that smell be for you?  Meatloaf? Apple Pie? Bacon? Spaghetti? Chicken Pie???  Take a journey back to your childhood today and let the smells of your past become comfort to your heart and put a smile on your face.

But for now….I’m calling my mom.  I wonder if she would cook up some “eggs in a basket” for dinner tonight!




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