Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
– Philippians 4:6-7

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Prayer for housing needs and protection

In need of support prayers.

I've been looking for a lawyer for a mold litigation. I've been exposed to black mold for many years. I just discovered it when I removed the drop ceiling tiles a year ago. I'm section 8 voucher holder. I wrote a letter to my landlord requesting to remove it and do maintenance. The landlord sent me a letter stating they're not doing maintenance and they're not removing the mold and gave me 5 months to move. This really means I only have three months to move. I have to give them one months notice and a month extra for the landlord to request an inspection. That leaves me little time.

I'm sick from mold. I have all the symptoms. I'm afraid to report this to housing and the city inspectors because they will make me move immediately and I have no where to go. I told housing and they just gave me a new lease when I find a new apartment. I'm scared and alone. Not sure of what to do. I'm challenged and I've been insulted and made fun of by some of the city officials and authorities when I was robbed a million times and reported it. Nothing was done. The landlord was having the surrounding neighbors sell her fentanyl and meth and paying them to take my pics and put witchcraft on me and break into my home. Oh yes, it's been horrific. All because of rent, mold and drugs. Her minions stole most everything I had of value and she participated to scare me into moving. I can't move if I don't have anywhere to go or anyone to help me.

She has put 100s of spells on me. I'm serious. I know what this crap is about. I've studied and read all about it. I'm not against pagans. I'm against evil unfair treatment from a landlord that sits behind her alter while under the influence of meth and fentanyl revenging a Tennant because she don't know how to communicate face to face or do maintenance. She has a history of being a slumb lord and stealing and treated low income seniors like crap. She's is very supportive to her drug dealing Tennant's.

I really need prayer to find a rental that I'm safe in, can bring my cat, and my washer and dryer an deep freeze. I'm seriously challenged about my legal rights and finding housing.

Most importantly, I have cried Soo much because when it's raining and humid, the mold smell is strong. The roof is leaking and the mold is getting worse. There is mold every where and the landlord doesn't care what it's done to my health at all or my mind.

Please pray with me that I find a rental. This all has caused me a severe stress disorder and depression. The women bound me to this place because I'm a good renter. Yep, she bound me Soo she could have her elderly parents savings to blow on drugs and be in a position of power. Drug addicts will do anything for drugs and there easy to control. It's a sick game she plays.

This really is discrimination. Because I'm poor, low income housing, disabled, 60, and on social security, no one wants to help me. Because I'm low income. Makes me want to cry. My boy is rich and was a very heavy drug user/dealer and he thinks he's better than me and won't help me or talk to me. This is what our country is about. If you're Rich, everyone will help for free. If your poor, everyone runs. It's a sick game. Mold poisoning is serious. My friend at church and his wife rented a place that had mold years ago. He now has a fungus in his lungs. I have serious health issues from mold poisoning.

Most importantly, that I find friends that are emotionally supportive. I call these crisis lines an no one has the answered at all. Just need kindness and love. Please pray Jesus sends help. I need answers!

Received: June 10, 2024

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