Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
– Philippians 4:6-7

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Dear Prayer warriors,

I need to request prayer for my self and my mom. First of all, I paid my sister and her boyfriend to help me move. I had to clear out my basement of all the canning as well as my storage. It only took up 3 hours with breaks to do this. While I was in the basement, they both disappeared several times. I didn't realize this until later but they went through stuff in my house and put it in their car. They also loaded up stuff out of my basement and put it in their car. Things I didn't give her. She snuck around me and stole from me. We then loaded up a U-Haul and went to my mom's to unload. The next day we went to my storage. I told her she could have all the food. She took that and everything she could get her hands on. At the storage I didn't pay attention and she stole everything she could get out of my storage. She loaded up the U-Haul and her car. We went to my mom's and I left the U-Haul there over night. They unloaded it and stole all kinds of stuff and took it to Mike's rental house. They have a lot of stolen stuff there. Expensive grow lights, fuel, booze to preserve herbal remedies, etc. Many other expensive items. I confronted her and she lied an said she didn't steal anything. It was every bit of around 3000 in Merchandise. She's on meth and heroin. Her and her boyfriend lives with my mom. Her boyfriend owns a trailer and a house in bunker hill. They took all my stuff to bunker hill to stockpile for the upcoming economic crash. They both work for drugs. They go on three day binges then use heroin to sleep for three days. They both are selling meth out of my mom's house. They invite their friends in my mom's house and most of my mom's stuff of value has been stolen. These two don't care at all about my mom. Nikki and Mike are supposed to be caring for my mom. But she will leave and not feed my mom or care for her hygiene or needs. She only wants to take mom shopping and talk mom into giving her money all the time and paying her bills. Mom is supportive to meth/heroin addicts. Mom has dementia as well as Alzheimer's and is getting use to meth addicts, their ways and she thinks it's ok to support Nikki. It's not ok for a 80 year old women to be surrounded by addicts that borrow and steal from her. She thinks it's normal. This is not ok. Mom still has not filed a will with a lawyer or made anyone her power of attorney. Mom wants Nikki to be her power of attorney or her caregiver Lisa. This caregiver is a liar and thief as well. She's also doing my mom's med planner. This companion should not be touching my mom's meds at all. Mom wants me to be over her medical but she don't want me to diagnose her. I'm an Associate Certified Medical Assistant graduate with high honors. I'm qualified and 11 years experience of care giving and hospice care. I'm skilled and experienced. My mom thinks I'm incompetent at carrying for her and her needs. But the reality is my mom doesn't want to comply with my suggestions for her to bath regularly and wash her hair regularly and eat three small healthy meals a day. She will smoke her self to oblivion and not eat or bath or take a walk and push herself away from her computer. But if Nikki make attempts to get her to do anything she will do it as long as it's a hair wash or a bath every 2,weeks. This is how bad it is with my mom. Mom likes the care giver companion but she's pulled some strange things that I feel is unacceptable behavior. She does nothing for mom most of the time. She will sit there and talk negative with mom for 4 hours and do nothing and my mom pays for her fast food meals. This caregiver has also tried to run me off. Mom needs consistency and stability and healthy honest caregivers to help out. This is a very serious situation that needs to be addressed and changed. My mom thinks I'm not qualified to run the show for her. She thinks I can't diagnosis her ailments or issues when I was trained to do so. Mom doesn't want to give up her authority but she can't make healthy decisions. I would like to see them to move out immediately. Mike owns a trailer and a house. His dad died and left it to him. They have 2 places they can live. Please pray they both move and the caregiver is dismissed. Please pray my mom opens her eyes for a minute and cleans house. Moms garage looks like a meth mess. I mean it's stupid cluttered and a lot of junk my sister and him created. It's unacceptable all around. And junkies in and out of mom's house.

The caregiver an her husband are selling dope as well. Please pray this is terminated immediately. Please pray no harm comes to anyone but just justice for my mom and her welfare. I need to be her full power of attorney and I need to make these decisions. I have excellent credit an no police record. I'm responsible and reliable to care for her. I've lived in my rental for 34 years and pay all my bills.

Mom shouldn't be left alone. I can move in with her and care for her needs.

Most importantly, for mom to agree that I'm qualified and I can care for her honestly. Please pray for all of us for the most perfect outcome in the most perfect way in Jesus name.

Received: June 8, 2024

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