Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
– Philippians 4:6-7

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Hello, I'd like to share with you some background as to why I'm requesting this prayer I used to date G. for a few years, he was a good kind hearted person. A baptized believer -- he was raised in church and I know for a fact he knows OF Jesus.

In August, I finally decided to leave him after he couldn't stop lying and cheating. Suddenly it was like he had a schizophrenic spirit on him NEVER meaning anything he said, constantly double-minded & hateful. His conversation turned to filth and perversion and violence. I had had enough. I am a paralegal. He is a prison guard. Less than 24 hours after I told God I'm finished with this wickedness & I erased G. out of my contacts, a family comes in to my law office wanting to sue the prison. THE VERY NEXT DAY. Their son is having emergency brain surgery to stop the bleeding after a prison guard stabbed him 4 times in the face and eyes and neck. G. & another prison guard named T. are the 2 guards who are guilty of this attack on my client, M.A.

Now, I have to continue to think about G. This knocked the wind out of me. I burst into tears & I asked God WHY --- out of all the law firms in this area -- WHY did this case come to THIS law firm where I will be the one working on it? Why?

So I figured that God has given me an assignment. I think God has shown me this truth about G. not ONLY to show how psychotic he can be but to pray for him instead of judging him. I don't hate him -- and God knows that he can trust my heart to pray for him because God knows I have seen the good kind G. So anyway, God has turned this around for the good for M.A. -- I have befriended him -- I tell him he's "my adopted nephew". I have brought him to Jesus -- and he was baptized last month. He also is SUCH a gifted artist that even though he only has a GED this law firm is representing him as a commercial artist and he now has a Fine Arts Scholarship-- thanks to the lawyers in this law firm so impressed with his artwork that they are promoting him at an Art Exhibit for Inmates next November called the 'Miles of Freedom Art Exhibit'. What's more this law firm is represented him at his parole hearing and he will be released in 6 months. Romans 8:28 the Lord promises He will turn ALL things around FOR OUR GOOD and according to His Purpose. So, in a nutshell, a situation that almost killed him ended up getting him a scholarship and paroled to begin anew. God obviously had His Hand in this from beginning to now and I think its a beautiful story. God is so good.

In the meantime, G.s life is a mess all the way around. He has an estranged adult daughter M. that he is terrible towards. Its like he has a hatred of all women. They need a miracle in their relationship. Additionally, by the grace of God, G. -- so far -- does not know that me or my law firm are behind this case since we have been dealing only with the legal dept of the prison. What's more, my client M.A. has no idea, either. every time I'm visiting with him almost daily & helping him stay close to Jesus I think to myself that I used to be in love with the man who almost killed him. IDK what either man would do if they found out that I've always known.

I've been fasting and praying for G.'s deliverance. Despite M.A., my client's recovery, G. stabbed him in his left eye to where he can barely see -- M.A. now has 2 brain aneurisms that are at least 2 ½ inches deep from them stabbing him with a ball point pen, per medical records.

The State Prosecutor has recommended in our favor that G. have criminal charges for aggravated assault and attempted murder. Well, so be it since M.A

almost died. But I believe that if G. will have a personal encounter with Jesus it will prevent more victims like M.A. and M. and me -- AND what a great testimony G. can be of God's mercy to even the most wicked among us. It's a WIN/WIN. Peace be with you. Thanks for listening & I ask you to be in agreement with me regarding this matter.

Received: May 2, 2024

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