Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
– Philippians 4:6-7

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I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.

Prayer for protection

Today is a beautiful sunny day! I didn't have any issues last night sleeping. I prayed with some people yesterday and they taught me more about prayer. I felt God's great peace over me and still do this morning. If we just pray the Lord's prayer, we are still not protected from the dark forces. I learned about many things to pray for and to protect us. I've been in church now for 4 years and I wasn't taught any of this. I had to reach out and ask and pray with others to learn real Christianity. It's not being taught in church. This shouldn't be a secret in the churches. I'm not blaming anyone. Christians don't realize ALL the screams of the devil. Satan will use Christians to attack other Christians. I don't do witchcraft. Nor do I have any idolatry items in my home. I have nothing to be held against me in my home. I have a landlord that is a pagan gypsy that wants my possessions because they failed to request raises and she is on drugs and a drug dealer. . It's as simple as that. Drug addicts steal, lie, cheat and manipulate and cause chaos and so do pagan addicts. The landlord stalks me and has people follow me and has brought her witchcraft into my church. Christians that are not all in will attack me. I've seen it in all the churches. Christians that don't have Jesus imprinted on there hearts react to these curses. Guard your hearts and minds to this.

Landlord and her husband created a hostile environment for me to live in this neighborhood. She paid and turned this block against me. Drug addicts are very easily manipulated by control spirits because of their drug addiction.. They get a drug and cash trade off for information, pictures and locations. She did this same thing on my job of 10 years. She uses the marine spirits, evil eye spells, astro projection demon and bird spells to monitor and track her victims as well. Demonic mind control using marine spirits. So does the other voodoo tenants. She's their buddy's too. She does these spells on Christians to hurt other Christians. This distorts relationships. This is Satan's goal to kill steal and destroy. This is the evil of the end times. If a Christian doesn't know how to apply all the Christian armour of God and ALL the Christian ethics and values, they are captives of Satan. I didn't know how to defend myself as a Christian. Christians are closed to taking the time out to really mentor new believers. I've observed that in church, if you have anxiety from this worldly terrors, Christians shun new people like this. We will not inherit the kingdom of heaven with this attitude. As well As an unforgiving heart will go straight to hell. Hate for others is another problem. Pagans put hate spells on unsuspecting Christian's pictures. This can cause people to want to commit suicide or attack others. A church actually was performing a healing and deliverance on my picture. I've been attacked so many times by my landlord and tenant that I saw both the paster and his wife doing this. It's a form of witchcraft. These 2 control there members like this. They excommunicated me within the first couple months. As soon as I told them I'm disabled, they turned their back on me.

I'm not ever taking Satan's new age medications either. That is part of why I became a preper. Obsessive compulsive issue from meds.

Please pray for my community, my church, family and anyone in the churches that need to restructure their mentoring. Many will come into the church wanting out of witchcraft or needing deliverance from witchcraft spells. Please accept everyone with open arms and without judgement. I know I'm going to heaven because Jesus is still teaching me his ways. Jesus is showing me his real body of Christ that are teaching me. Please continue to pray for my deliverance as well. Please pray for my son's deliverance to. He's being held captive by my landlord and the other tenant.

God bless

Received: February 19, 2024

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