Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 
– Philippians 4:6-7

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I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.

Prayer for protection

Dear God, protect me, my mind, my belongings and my family. I feel scared and alone. I've been doing a little better since I've been involved in church. Thank goodness. I feel stable and way better in bible study and prayer groups.

But today I felt scared again. Although I do see the police patrolling the street regularly, I feel scared. Earlier I carried buckets to the basement. I'm planning to empty out all my pressure canning into the buckets an dumping them in the woods. They are all good and safe to eat. When I came out of the basement, the new neighbor man watched me from his side rear window. I'm pretty sure he was involved in entering my home through my front door and pulling my air conditioner out of my window from the inside. There is a lot of damage to that window now. He did it with my other neighbor MM. They are all friends. This man is watching me again. When I walked around to the front of my rental BB was watching me on the reflection off his TV across the street. . The last time I posted on here he closed his curtains for several days. He just started watching again the last couple days. He's texting the neighbor at 48 when I'm walking around the house. He's also texting my psycho drug dealing landlord as well letting her know everything I do. I was told by a homeless man she's doing this and paying anyone for any info about me, my whereabouts and what I'm doing in my home and taking in and out of my home and basement as well as a picture. The full moon is coming so they start taking pics of me again as well as a new court date they try to manipulate. I have a gut feeling there scouting out my basement to break in and steal. Please pray this stops now. It's making me feel uncomfortable and I shut down emotionally. I need to clean that basement out. I want to exit this dump. But I don't want to take anything of value with me for them to steal. I don't want them to follow me.

I seriously feel like I'm cursed by these people. They falsely accused me of a crime I didn't commit. Because their all on drugs and selling drugs and they are targeting me. My landlord is involved in all of this. She is a dirty drug addict involved in criminal activity. I saw her on camera at ALL of their houses. She would come to there houses when I was at prayer meetings and bible studies. I have cameras and She was all over this neighborhood creating a hostile environment for me to live here. She had BB watch what time I left and what time I got home to figure out my schedule so they could rob me through the opening in my hallway. Then the windows and then my front door. They some how obtained a key. I've zipped it up now. Locks are changed and windows are sealed. Please pray they are warned again. I'm trying to get rid of the last of what's in the basement without being stocked and watched. This landlord made a spectacle of me and called for an emergency inspection because I canned everything in my garden and used my link to buy and store food. She made sure the entire city found out. Real crappy thing to do. This women is a drug dealer, escort an a priestess. I know for a fact and I have the freedom to say so. She's not paying taxes for any of this. She needs to spend time in jail for sure. I worked with women just like this in the past.

As far as storing food, the church I attended stock piles food in there homes. I mean a lot of food. I know many many people that do this. It's nothing uncommon these days.

When I get done with my basement, I have to clean out my storage.

This landlord has put many witchcraft spells on me and so has one of the tenants. This women put some type of monitoring spirit on me. It's weird. I can hear her yelling at me, threatening me, threatening to hurt my son and grandson if I don't move now. She signed a new lease but continues to threaten me and pay people to stalk me. She even said she was the one that put a hate spell for me to attack my son verbally. She said she lifted it off of us for my sister's death and funeral. She said she put it back on us again because I won't move. She said she's going to make sure I never see my grandson again and my son to never talk to me or help me for life because she was fired from her job and I exposed her real identity and I won't move. She said I'm costing her to much money. Sounds crazy but I can hear her spiritually. She put a monitoring spirit on me to track me an make me talk to her against my free will.

This is real. I looked this up in John Ramirez book and it clearly says witches do this. I post on here and when I'm prayed for its removed. She then put the curse on me again. Her view point is I can't prove it and she can do whatever she wants to because it's her religious freedom. As well as the others tenants religious rite. They love to destroy Christians. This landlord says all kinds of lies as well as she said there was going to be an inspection soon. This women sits home and does witchcraft most of the days and tells me how much she hates me. It's soo demonic it's sick. I'm learning to pray my way through this. it's very depressing.

There was a young women following me last Saturday. I pulled over and followed her. She then pulled over and watched me. I caught that same young women in a SUV following me in the past. I watch my surrounding well. I see what's going on.

The other tenant is selling meth, Fentanyl. It's an all night event there. I hear fighting all night, hammering, and loud talking all night. It's a serious nuisance property. The drug dealer is dealing as I speak.

Please pray for my deliverance from this evil stronghold, bondage and entrapment. I want free of this place and it's evil. Please pray for my cat. She wakes up having a bad dream. She's been affected by this evil too.

Thank you and God bless you!

Received: January 30, 2024

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