My Name Plate

My Name Plate

Several years ago I received a license plate with my company’s logo on it. They strongly encouraged us to place it on the front of our car so that everyone could see who I work with at a glance. I was pretty excited and proud to do it – at first.

However, when someone cut me off in traffic and heat rushed up my spine, sending my morning smile into a scowl, I remembered the plate that identified me! I forced the grimace to leave my face and replaced it with numbness. Arghh! The realization hit me, I can’t just react now without thinking of the impression it will leave on others. I must admit at times I’ve wanted to intentionally drive through a mud hole to mask the name on that plate.

What if we had to wear the seal of God on our forehead for everyone to see? Would we act any differently? Would we be nicer to the store clerk, the grumpy boss or the bratty child?

If at a glance the world could see who we belonged to, would it alter our behavior?

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