Our Thanksgiving meal offers so many goodies! But what do you do with the leftovers? I’d like to suggest we prepare for our missing friend, maybe one we haven’t even met yet. Tough times hit us all. Whether a need is physical or emotional, there are moments when a good meal can brighten someone’s day.

As we make our grocery list for the items needed to prepare our Thanksgiving meal, let’s remember to pick up some of these necessities that can help us share:

Saran Wrap
Aluminum Foil
Plastic disposable/freezable containers with compartments
Ziplock bags in assorted sizes

Consider using your leftovers as future meals for shut-ins or friends who aren’t feeling well. Get the family involved in this activity! Set up an assembly line, giving each person a dish and scooper. Pass the compartment container down the line and fill it up with all the fixins’. By assembling them into freezer ready containers you’ll be ready to go when the need arises, with a complete Thanksgiving-worthy meal to share.

Your leftovers can bring a smile to a weary friend.