Trish Large


Joy FM Team | Business Development Coordinator


Trish Stanbery grew up in the small town of Mocksville, North Carolina. She has two children, Riley and Emma.

She grew up in a Christian home where her father was a preacher her entire life. However, Trish only found salvation After the sudden passing of her husband in 2020.

God Has miraculously changed her life in so many ways. He restored love back into her life where she met her new husband, Jacob, at a church where she was visiting which now has become here home church.

Trish worked for the last eight years as a hair stylist, but after receiving Christ as her Savior, she started praying and asking the Lord to move her out of that career and into a career where she could serve him better and live for him. God answered that prayer in August of 2022 where he brought her to Joy Fm Christian Radio.

She is now serving as the Business Development Coordinator where Trish happily serves our underwriters and loves to build lasting relationships with each of them.