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Country roads have taken Gabe from West Virginia to his new home in North Carolina.  Although he is presently a resident of Wilkes County, NC, Gabe has never let go of his West Virginia roots.  He still frequents the natural beauty of his birthplace and is fanatical about Mountaineer football.  Even so, Gabe’s heart has always followed God’s leading.  Luckily, God led Gabe to Joy FM.

Gabe has a gift for radio and the pulpit. Since the age of 17, Gabe has openly shared God’s Word with others.  An ordained minister, Gabe has been a guest speaker at multiple churches. Gabe’s talents have been featured on The Morning JoyRide but he can be heard regularly on the weekends.

It has been an exciting time for Gabe Duncan.  He was married on Oct. 1, 2016 to his beautiful bride, Leslie. The couple is expecting their first child soon. A lover of laughter, Gabe’s lighthearted spirit will uplift you and fill your day with joy.

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