Candi Large


On-Air Team | The Morning JoyRide


Weekdays: 6-10 am

Candi is to Joy FM what sugar and spice are to everything nice.  At the station, her ‘happy-go-lucky’ spirit is adored by all; while her unfiltered honesty is the cherry on top of any conversation. Candi Payne has moved from afternoons to join Melody Vaughn Monday through Friday, 6-10am on The Morning JoyRide.

When not on the air, Candi can be found auditioning the next batch of great Southern Gospel songs. Don’t let all that sweetness fool you though, she can be as hard on a new single as a jawbreaker on a bad tooth. The end result, however, is deliciously good radio! For an added treat, listen to Candi each Sunday from 11am-1pm.

Candi is most proud of the time she puts in after hours. Her home is full of laughter, and a place where she is always on the lookout…never knowing when her three pranksters (Jacob, Wyatt, and Hunter) might try to surprise her.  It’s never a dull moment for Candi, whose life at home and work is always filled with Joy.

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