An Important Message from General Manager Daniel Britt

Dear Friend,

“Are you sure you want to pray for that?!”  I’d shared with a friend that I was praying for God to grow me in a particular area of my life.  My friend joked with me that it was the equivalent of praying for patience.  “Brace for the tests that will come!”

A few weeks ago, your friends at Joy FM prayed and felt led to proclaim, “Yes, I Will” as our fundraiser theme.  For so many, life is hard on a normal day.  Pain hits our doorstep at some point in our lives. It can look like a scary health diagnosis, broken relationships, job loss; even the death of a loved one.  And, right now we are hearing constant updates and breaking news concerning a virus that is affecting many of our communities.  Please read below, as I share with you a few thoughts on what we are facing together.

Your Joy FM is here to remind you that God is in control, we can trust His promises.  He loves us deeply and understands our fears.  We are just like you, friend in respect to trials and testing of our faith.  In the last two months alone, we have had team members diagnosed with cancer, emergency surgeries, disrupted relationships, financial struggles, even a house fire.  The cry of our heart is still praise to our Father, even in our lowest valley!

We have never felt so strongly about the message found in Gaither Vocal Band’s amazing song…

            “Yes, yes, I’ll say yes. Whatever you ask of me, I’ll say yes.

            You lead and I will follow (Lord, I’ll say yes).

            I know you hold tomorrow (Lord, I’ll say yes).

            Lord, make of me one big yes (Lord, I’ll say yes).

            Whatever you ask of me, I’ll say yes.”

Your Joy FM has been preparing for our upcoming fundraising celebration, which is set to begin on April 27.  Just like you, we have been hearing a lot of updates from our local community, as well as national leaders.  The number of disruptions facing daily life seems to be growing by the hour.  In light of that, we are prayerfully considering postponing our on-air fundraiser.

Friend, we ask you to pray.  Ask God to heal those who have fallen ill, give peace to anxious hearts, help us to be mindful of ways we can love and serve each other.  Second, we ask that you consider what you can do to help Joy FM financially.  We do not have a foundation backing us, nor do we receive any government assistance, as a non-profit ministry.  Some friends who usually give faithfully to this ministry will not be able to participate for a few months.  It is so important to us that we be able to continue sharing gospel truths, encouragement and hope in the days and weeks ahead.   Your gift will allow us to have the financial resources to stay on the air in this unsettling season.

Everyone giving something will help Joy FM to proclaim bold truth.  As you partner with us, you will declare, “Yes WE Will,” even as we face breaking news, hardships and uncertain days.  As fear tries to grip our hearts or negativity tries to overpower our minds, we will stand firm in our faith.

Friend, if what is transpiring across our nation and worldwide leaves you unsettled, I remind you of what God’s Word tells us in Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Our God is with us and we can trust in His plans for us.

We are praying for you.  We gathered as a team this week and prayed that God would protect, provide and heal those impacted by this virus, as well as a myriad of trials faced on any given day.  We asked Him to restore broken relationships, bring calm in chaos, provision where needed.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter.  I know there is a lot crying for your attention these days!  Most of all, thank you for praying about what you can give to help us stay funded.  For such a time as this, God saw fit to plant Joy FM in this community so that His Word could be proclaimed.  You make that possible when you stand with us through your giving.

Yes, I will lift Him high!

Daniel Britt

General Manager

PS: Your gift will encourage friends to praise God even in their lowest valley as messages heard on your Joy FM permeate anxious hearts, providing peace and hope.  Please prayerfully consider what you will give.  Thank you!