I’ll Say, “YES”

I’ll Say, “YES”

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 Anyone that knows me well knows that I like consistency. I like routine, and I like planning each day out and checking things off my “to do” list each day.

Enter the Corona Virus and my world suddenly turned upside down.  Life was suddenly no longer like anything that I felt comfortable with and was used to. Every day was different. Life was very abnormal and to be honest, left me feeling weary and exhausted. At least at first.

Then, a strange thing began to happen. I slowly began to adjust to my new normal and through that new normal, some wonderful things began to emerge. I began to notice and pay attention to things that I had somehow forgotten about due to my always busy and rushed schedule. I began to hear things that I loved again without interruption, such as the birds chirping and singing to each other so loudly, the breeze rustling through the tree leaves that had just bloomed at the beginning of Spring, the mail and delivery trucks as they made their way down my road, kids playing and neighbors talking and laughing on their front porch.

 I also began to see things that I had previously just taken for granted. I got to witness a Cherry Blossom tree in my front yard come into full bloom in real time, I got to over time watch birds go about the task of building their nests, there were bees buzzing about and landing on the flowers of spring, and I was even able to slow down, sit on my front porch rocker and watch the lives of my neighbors as they worked in their yards, carried in groceries or enjoyed grilling out. In other words, I got to really notice the joys of life. You know…the gifts that God blesses us with each and every day that somehow through the business of my life, I  just forgot to notice anymore.

And then…there was the extra time that I was able to spend in the Word, devotions, Bible Studies, and prayer. It was there that I knew that this season I was experiencing just like everyone else could have major impacts on all of our lives if we would just give it over to Him, be still, and most importantly, listen. I don’t know about you but that’s not always the easiest thing to do is it?  But what began to happen was instead of being filled with fear and anxiety, I found myself becoming calmer, more peaceful, and full of hope. I know it may sound strange, but I was reminded yet again that even in the midst of the storms, the turmoil, and the confusion and fear that life can sometimes bring, God is there. He is not only there, He lovingly goes on ahead of us. He guides us, directs us, sustains us, and… He loves us.

So today is a great day to say “Yes” to whatever lies ahead. Let us trust Him and follow Him through whatever tomorrow may bring, and most importantly, let us say “yes” to whatever He asks of us. Our lives could drastically change for the better through that one, small 3 letter word……Yes!