I’ll Say Yes

I’ll Say Yes

[written by Daniel Britt]

One of the most powerful songs on Joy FM  right now reminds us to “say Yes,” even when the storms come.

Weeks ago, we set fundraising aside to serve you and our whole community. Now’s the time to come together and raise the funds needed to keep us on the air, going strong, so more comfort, more peace, more joy and more HOPE can impact more lives, including yours. 

If you’ve ever heard just the right song at just the right time on our station, will you say “yes, I will” and make an on-line gift now to help us reach our goal? And be sure to listen beginning May 19th as we trust God to provide and hear countless stories of his faithfulness. 

Thanks for listening and supporting Joy FM!

-Daniel Britt, from The Morning JoyRide® with Daniel & Melody, weekdays 6AM-10AM ET and General Manager of Joy FM

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