I Was Just Trying To Do Something Nice!

I Was Just Trying To Do Something Nice!

[written by Daniel Britt]

I was walking into Costco. Two things you must do: grab a cart (because, really, who goes into Costco without a cart?) and have your membership ID card ready at the door.

img_1160I could tell there was someone walking behind me several feet as we traversed the large parking lot. A quick glance showed it was an older lady. The carts were nearly depleted, so it was an extreme walk far away from the entrance to grab my shopping cart.

It was then I sensed a nudge (maybe the Holy Spirit) saying “grab a cart for her as well.”

So, I quickly grabbed two carts: one for me, one for the lady walking behind me.

These carts are huge. So, after I struggled to separate the two carts, I turned with one to walk over to the lady – preventing her from having to walk any further out of her way. 

Good news! She was pleased and thankful that I would show her kindness.

Bad news! I hear a man say “sir. sir. Sir, your cart!” As I turn around, I see my cart picking up speed as it is now a runaway cart careening for another lady, her back turned to the oncoming torpedo. 

I lunge for the runaway cart and grab it, but it was too late. It bumped into her and she turned around quickly. I apologized and escaped into Costco, wondering if my act of kindness was even worth it.

One lady was happy. One was not. Had I minded my own business, all would have been ok.

Do you ever feel that way? 

Do you want to question God?

You’re not alone!

It’s humorous now – but don’t let it discourage you from doing good. I won’t either.

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