Happy 25th Birthday Joy FM!

Happy 25th Birthday Joy FM!

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Today Joy FM is celebrating 25 years! Our station launched on May 19, 1997, with the mission to inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.

We have numerous people to thank for this milestone. Of course, we couldn’t have done anything without the goodness of God. He has blessed Joy FM over the years in ways we couldn’t even imagine when our station began. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve Him through this ministry.

Thank you to our listeners, especially the ones who have stood by us since day one. We cannot express enough gratitude to the ones who have lifted us up in prayer, supported the station financially, and faithfully tuned in to Joy FM each day. We pray God blesses you for how you’ve been a blessing to us.

Thank you to our volunteers, who have given freely of their time to our station, whether during fundraising, office tasks, or special events. Special shout-out to Gaye Barnette, who comes to our office each week to work on our Butterfly Hugs program.

Certainly, we want to recognize our Positive Alternative Radio, Inc. family. Thank you, Brian Sanders, for your leadership and vision as our Executive Vice President. And of course, thank you, Eddie Baker, for your work as President of PAR; we are honored to be a part of the strong legacy created your parents, Dr. Vernon and Virginia Baker.

We appreciate every individual behind-the-scenes who brought Joy FM to where it is today. Thank you, John Long, for everything you do as our general manager. You work the long hours, make the tough calls, keep the show running, and are a prime example of what it means to be a leader. Thank you to our office manager and meme queen, Donna Carpenter—you juggle a ton of tasks and somehow make it look easy, but your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you to Melody Vaughn, Candi Payne and Gabe Duncan. Everyone knows you three as our hilarious Morning JoyRide, but they might not realize just how much else you each do for our station, always with humor that brightens the room. And thank you, Shelley Westfall, for consistently going above and beyond in your role as PAR’s network donor liaison. You add so much joy to our office, as does PAR’s graphic designer Robin Dowdy, whose professionalism and skills take our materials to the next level. Special thanks as well to the rest of our incredible on-air talent: Theresa Mills, Magan Staten, Derek Withrow, Rhonda Lacey, Adam McCain, Grey Hagar, and Luann Prater.

Of course, this list cannot begin to cover every individual who has made Joy FM possible for 25 years. Thank you to each person who has played a role in keeping us on-air. We pray God will continue to bless this ministry, as we continue being a source of encouragement and sharing the Gospel in our local communities and around the world.

Pictured, right to left: Donna Carpenter, Candi Payne, Shelley Westfall, John Long, Gabe Duncan, Melody Vaughn, Josh Armstrong