Happy 100th Birthday Grandma “Golding”!!

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma “Golding”!!

Grandma “Allie” Golding is turning 100 on September 15.  She was born on 9/15/1921.  Known as Grandma Golding throughout Lowgap/Mt Airy and beyond, she is the mother of 13 children, grandmother of 29, great grandmother of 53 , great great grandmother of 18 and caregiver to many many more neighborhood children.  Grandma Golding is as pure as gold, has a heart for God, the strength of Samson and the sweetness of honey. Grandma Golding loves to receive cards and her family is asking for everyone to mail her a birthday card in effort to have 1000 cards by her 100th birthday on Sept 15th.

 Her address is:

Allie Golding

7426 West Pine St.

Lowgap, NC 27024 

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