Good Enough

Good Enough

[written by Daniel Britt]

I don’t know about you, but I hear the phrase “good enough” two different ways.


Think about it: when you’ve worked on something and get it just-so and don’t have time, energy, or patience to continue, you say “Oh well, it’s good enough. Moving on….”

Another way I’ve heard this phrase is when looking at such a wonderful piece of art and declaring, “Oh, wow. This is amazing. This is GOOD ENOUGH to be on display at the High Museum of Art!”

Do you see the difference?

Today, I hope you hear God whisper to you: “Child, just sit down. Rest in me. Because of Jesus, I declare you good enough.”

I’ve been thinking a lot of how the message of You Are Loved™ sums up God’s message to His children, those who trust Him: You’re valuable, you’re chosen, you’re forgiven, you’re good enough — not in your own goodness — but because you were created in His image and granted Christ’s goodness.   



Sounds a lot like It Is Finished, doesn’t it?

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