Frank, NC – Loss & Encouragement

Frank, NC – Loss & Encouragement

A message was left for Melody during The Morning JoyRide. ® The call, which had gone to voicemail, captured the voice of Frank, an elderly and tearfully heartbroken gentleman who had lost his precious wife of 62 years the night before. Softly his message asked, “Melody, would you play a song for me?”
The pain in his voice gutted Melody. “I couldn’t let it go,” she said. “There was something about his voice tore my heart apart.” Deeply moved, she called him back. Frank had not only lost his wife, he had lost his best friend. Somehow, he had found the strength to call that morning.

Even as the show continued on, Melody talked with Frank and prayed with him. With his permission, she played his call along with his song request.

But God was doing more…
Melody’ heart continued to stir throughout the day. “I couldn’t get Frank off of my mind,” she said. “He had reached out to Joy FM during the most painful time of his life for assurance and comfort. I think that’s pretty amazing.”
So, the next day, she wrote Frank a note letting him know what an honor it was to speak with him. She included a special CD that she knew would encourage him during the difficult times ahead. This is just one of the ways Joy FM ministers to those God puts before us.

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