Energize The Ballpark – Aug. 3, 2019

Will you be counted?

We have some good news: Energize the Ballpark has nearly 2,500 seats sold already. So what does that mean? We are now only 2,500 faithful Christian voices away from being #5000Strong on August 3rd.

Friends…we need you, your family, your pastor, and your entire church to attend this important Christian event. It’s your faithfulness that energized Energize Ministries to partner with Joy FM, because they understand just how dedicated you and other listeners are to the cause of Christ.

Right now, we need every Christian to commit to this historic evening. We want you to enjoy the baseball game, and we know you’ll love the Jason Crabb concert afterwards, but we MUST have you and every available Christian there to take a stand for Christ… #5000Strong

Your pastor needs to come, too…

Energize Ministries has made it their mission to proactively provide care to pastors and ministry leaders wherever they can—however they can. Your church leaders will be honored in a big way on this night. In fact, one minister will leave with an amazing blessing from Energize Ministries (Hint: Cruise Getaway for two). Please do whatever you can to get them to the ballpark on August 3. 

We will take a stand for Christ and broadcast it to the world.

We know we’ve given the Joy FM family every reason to attend: the concert, the game, and of course a most worthy cause. Now all that’s needed is the 2,500 more friends. Don’t let it be said that there aren’t enough Christians to fill a ballpark, because—like you—we know The Truth.

Whatever your reason, it’s important that you and others make your way to Winston-Salem on August 3rd and stand with us. It will make a statement to the world that we are #5000Strong.



Energize The Ballpark - Choir Sign Up Form

This is a sign up form for choir directors and pastors who wish to include their church's choir sing with Jason Crabb on the field.

  • Submission form should be completed by the church's pastor, minister, choir director, or authorized church leader.
  • How many choir members from your church will be participating in the on field singing? Note: Please only provide a number for choir members who will be participating in this portion of the event.
Tickets: just $14 
Ticket office: 336-714-2287 (ask for Josh Soto – Dash Baseball)
More info: 888-569-9974 (ask for Donna – Joy FM)