Don’t Forget To Remember

Don’t Forget To Remember

[written by Daniel Britt]  “Don’t forget to remember.” As our friend Steve Brown says “Christians don’t have to panic, because we have a history. We have memories of a Faithful God who never has left us in the dark and certainly won’t do so now.” At Joy FM, we are here to REMIND you, to whisper those stories of victory, triumph, and security in Christ. That’s why we play the songs we play. And we aim to serve that mission “at home, at work, and in the car.”

Home — something we are seeing a lot more of these days. Now, since many of us can’t “get out,” I’d encourage you to find a way to replace your drive-time listening or at-work listening with more at-home listening. Surround yourself with the Gospel — and having this music on, even in the background of your house, will foster a sense of worship and gratitude to pull you through. And don’t just take my word for it — people are listening “At home” all over the country these days … even up near the Canadian border. We recently heard from a listener friend from Little Canada, Minnesota. He’s staying encouraged by listening to Joy FM on Alexa — it stays on constantly! He boldly made a plea to other listeners to keep supporting the station to keep the music playing.

You know, he’s got a point! If you feel so inclined to send a gift to keep this thing going, we’d be so appreciative. We’re a family, we’ll get through this together. And don’t forget to remember: God is faithful, forever.

-Daniel Britt, from The Morning JoyRide® with Daniel & Melody, weekdays 6AM-10AM ET and General Manager of Joy FM 

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