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O'SO Eats

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Jonestown Road , Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104, United States
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At O’SO Eats our mission is clear:  FOOD IS WHAT WE DO!

We want to provide a restaurant known for great, honest food at a great, honest price. We don’t care to be trendy, or the new fad. We believe we are better than that. GREAT FOOD is GREAT FOOD, no matter WHERE or WHEN it is. We promise to do the best we can on a daily basis to ensure you are O’SO satisfied. We challenge our customers to compare product for product, portion for portion, and price for price. We cannot compete with multi-million dollar marketing strategies and gimmicks (we don’t want to), but we can and will compete with our food, price, and personal touch. We believe this is how it should be.

Again, we do it simple, we do it funky, we do it all, we do it well! We love what we do and we hope you love it too!

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