Caught Chatting in the Waiting Room

Caught Chatting in the Waiting Room


 [written by Daniel Britt] I was sitting in a waiting room the other day and, thanks to free wifi, was getting a lot of office work done. But, then I noticed, there were real people sitting around me. One man was reading an old, overstuffed, worn Bible.

A younger lady was sitting near him and, instead of mindlessly watching the non-sense on the TV, she engaged him. “What are you reading this morning?” she asked. When he started to explain the passages of scripture he was studying, she pointed out that she too was a believer and how encouraged she was to see him reading his Bible so intently.

Now, I’m not one of those who rails against technology and smartphones (she had one), but in this moment, there was a real human connection that seemed so rare that I had to take a snapshot to remember the occasion! They laughed, shared stories, even maybe gave each other hope.

No maybe about it for me: they both gave me hope!