Buying A Mattress Online?

Buying A Mattress Online?

[written by Daniel Britt]

Maybe you’ve noticed all the mattress stores being built — like an extraordinary amount of mattress stores! I counted over a dozen in a short, 2-mile radius in a prime shopping area of my town!

But I’m also a fan of shopping online, so when we realized you could buy a mattress online — immediately, my family realized the true advantage: convenience, less awkward, no pressure, and a real life test-run on our own bed for the trial period!

Our research led us to SleepOnLatex – which boasts 100% Natural Latex Foam and organic cotton. No chemicals! What a plus, considering all the new allergies that folks seem to be discovering these days. And, of course, comfort.

img_0608The experiment is both fun and exciting…beginning with the delivery of a box. A mattress-in-a-box delivered right to our house.

The box, pictured here, contains a King Size Mattress! Amazing!

Once we removed the mattress from the box, it was in what I’d call a vacuum sealed, rolled up fashion – and we removed the packaging to let it unfold.

Here’s what it looked like before we moved it to the bed:


We were impressed with all aspects of this experience: order, delivery, no risk guarantee ( offers a 30-day return/pick up policy!), and of course, the comfort and quality of the mattress itself!

Hey – Melody was skeptical at first, but she has now even explored online mattress shopping!

Is there anything better than waking up from a good night’s sleep?

How quickly do you recognize a good night’s sleep after waking?

Would you ever consider ordering a mattress online?