The Third Option

The Third Option

Image by: Izzy Gerosa

We live in a world of negativity…

…and because of this, we have allowed ourselves to be pushed to one side of an argument or the other.  Everything seems black and white; they have their truth and we have ours.  We dig in…they dig in…and both sides forfeit the ability to communicate.

Friends, there is something powerful about being positive.  Believe it or not, we can be right and we can be righteous, while still being positive.  Our anger and our negativity can quickly steer us into self-righteousness and unsanctioned judgement.  What’s worse is that we often choose to live there…us, on top of the mountain and them, way down there.  This is not the model Jesus had in mind.

While there is absolute truth under God, how we respond to the world is not a 50/50 affair.  There is a third option…being positive. It’s not a question of whether your glass is half full or half empty, but rather, your willingness to grab the pitcher and start pouring.  It’s okay to be right, but it should also be your goal to be kind.  Don’t allow negativity to govern your relationships with others, especially those of whom you’re trying to win in Jesus’ name.  Stay positive, make friends, and allow them to learn through your positive behaviors.

Positivity is not about right or wrong; it is the charge God placed in you that turns others onto Him.


John Long
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