Barbara, FL – Real Music

Barbara, FL – Real Music

“I have known my Lord and Savior since I was a freshman in high school. I found Him through a pastor from a local Bible church. We called him Pastor Pete and His love for Christ is what won me over. I fell in love with Jesus and have been living for Him ever since.

I love music and I used to live the rock scene. However, after I began growing in Christ that love for rock & roll began to die. When I moved to Florida I discovered Southern Gospel music—I began to like it. I had never heard the old hymns before then. Southern Gospel started to grow on me. When I moved to Lakeland, Florida with my husband I listened to a Contemporary Christian station…also called Joy FM. One day I went to look up the CCM station, but ended up on a different Joy FM. To my surprise, when I clicked the ‘Listen Live’ button, I heard Southern Gospel…but that wasn’t all. Something was different. This Joy FM’s DJs sounded…different. I kept listening. The music began cutting deep into my soul and before I knew it I started tapping my feet. Joy was springing up inside me!

It only took a month before the REAL Joy FM became the only station I listen to. Joy FM is so uplifting. Listening every day moves me closer to my Lord and Savior. Joy FM is true encouragement and I am certain the Lord had something to do with me finding it. Southern Gospel music is awesome…I love it!”

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