On the Upside……

On the Upside……

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The Upside……

~I have been able to sip my coffee and not gulp it as I am going out the door to work.
~I can be sophisticated with my shirt for Zoom calls and ready for bed at any moment with my pajama pants on. 😊
~I can take a moment to breathe, stretch, pray, do my Bible Study without the guilt of always feeling like I am rushing through everything. In other words, the way God intended.
~I have been able to have longer conversations with my husband without our schedules conflicting.
~I have enjoyed my front porch more in the last 2 weeks than in many years past all put together.
~I have had the time to do what I love most as a hobby—-cooking.
~I have been able to have actual phone conversations with people that I normally do not get to spend as much time with as I would like.
~I was able to teach my 89 year old Dad how to use Skype and Zoom so that we can practice social distancing. (By the way, you are never too old to learn).
~I have watched my Cherry Blossom tree come to full bloom in real time.
~I have actually worked out in some capacity at least 5 times a week since we started this crazy new normal and that is and of itself a complete miracle.
~I have learned that a lot of what I thought was a “must” is really not so much a must. It really was a “want” all along.
~I have learned that even though I have faith and trust in the ONE who is in complete control over all things is at times hard and difficult, He truly does give us the peace within that can pass all understanding and help calm all fears. But…you have to take the time to work at it.
~I have the honor to talk to thousands on the radio each day and also help lead worship in my church every Sunday, and I have done both for a very long time. But never have I felt the calling more than now to encourage others, to share the hope that only Jesus can bring to a heart, and to proclaim that God loves us so very much and He is there even in the midst of the storm.

So today…..you have “upsides” too. What are some of yours?

You Are Loved,