Bittersweet Moments

Bittersweet Moments


person holding smartphone

I was just going through the simple task of cleaning out my phone and getting rid of old texts, pictures and voicemails to make more space on my phone.  As I was going through the voicemails, I felt like I needed to listen to each one in case there was something important that I needed to keep for the future.   

And there it was. 

Suddenly, the sound of my mom’s voice was coming out of my phone into my not so very prepared ears letting me know something that was really not even that important.  At least at first.

But I kept listening. 

As the message came to an end, and in her sweet and gentle voice, she told me how much she loved me.  My breath was taken away for a moment and I realized in that instant how bittersweet that voicemail was to me.  On one hand it was a punch in the gut of yet another moment of grief I had to yield to. Maybe you have experienced the same thing after losing someone you love. You smell something, or see something, or hear something that immediately takes you back to that place where your heart is smothered with the feeling of loss. That happened.  But then I also immediately realized the gift that I had of hearing my mom in her own voice telling me she loved me. How precious and priceless that is to me.

Needless to say, I kept that voicemail. Not only did I keep it, I emailed it to myself to have as a back up just in case my phone ever crashes or gets lost or whatever can happen with phones these days.

So now on those days when I just need to hear my mom tell me again how much she loves me, she is there.

Thank you Lord for the sweet and precious gifts of love that you give us when we least expect it but need it most.


– Melody, from The Morning JoyRide®with Daniel & Melody, weekdays 6AM-10AM ET on Joy FM